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Cash Out Option Now Available on BetMGM Sports!

What is the Cash Out feature on BetMGM Sports?

BetMGM Sports offers the option of an early Cash Out for some straight and parlay bets. When you choose to cash out, a portion of your potential winnings will be collected in advance of the final outcome. The Cash Out amount is based on the live action at that particular moment.

Using the Cash Out feature, you can:

  1. Safeguard your winnings ahead of the final result
  2. Minimize losses
  3. Increase your account balance immediately without deposit


You place a $10 pregame bet on the Patriots -2.5 over the Falcons.

  • Scenario 1: At the end of the first half, the Patriots lead the Falcons 24-0. Since this increases the likeliness of your bet being won, we offer a Cash Out of $16. You have the option to either take a sure $16 or wait until the end of the game to collect your full amount, hoping the Patriots will still cover the -2.5 spread
  • Scenario 2: After three quarters, the Falcons take a commanding 28-3 lead. Since it seems more likely now that your bet will be lost, we offer a cash out of $3. You can now take $3 to make sure that your entire stake isn’t lost, or you can wait until the end of the game in hopes the Patriots will come back

The Cash Out option is displayed in the MY BETS section of the bet slip (live betting) or the CASH OUT section (pregame).

BetMGM Sports does not guarantee to offer "Cash Out" at all times. After clicking the "Cash Out" button, the system checks the availability of the respective bet. If the bet is frozen or already closed or the respective odds have changed, the "Cash Out" can be rejected. Odds changes can be accepted in advance by activating the respective option at "Settings."